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2016 Flash Update / Q1 2017

Hope all is well and you had a great Holiday and New Year.

SmartDividend™ Fund ended December +2.5% and 2016 +24% (net of fees). Performance is being verified by a 3rd party and will be finalized by February. Thus, I will circulate the final results, stats and summary once completed. In 2016 we proved a lot of people wrong but we must stick to our strategy and continue to execute.

Looking forward to 2017 I wouldn't be surprised to see a 10%+ drawdown as we had a tough time keeping the Q1 portfolio P/E around 20 and our historical valuation discount is not favorable. Since Q3 of 2016 low beta stocks have been going against the market and there has not been any rotation into these stocks which is worrisome as well.

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