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SmartDividend Funds June Update


After closing Q2 we reinvested the dividends earned for both funds and reallocated the portfolios. Please see the mid-year and quarterly highlights below:

Performance YTD net of f​ees:
SmartDividend Value Fund (SDVF): +8.​74​%

SmartDividend Low Volatility Fund​ (SDLV)​ +10.​32​%​


  • ​Dividends Paid:
    • SDVF  ​0.69% Q2 / 0.58% Q1
    • SDLV  0.87% Q2
  • SDLV had strong performance during the Brexit panic 
  • ​In Q3 the top 20 value stocks ​had an average -46% discount. Historically the highest quarterly discount was -48% in 2009.  
  • SDVF has eight new positions for Q3
  • SDLV has seven new positions for Q3
  • ​Looking forward I anticipate 2-3 negative months for the remainder of 2016
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