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SmartDividend™ Funds November Update

Hope all is well and you had a great Thanksgiving. Please see our November update below.

  • SmartDividend™ Fund +7.14% November (net of fees)
  • SmartDividend™ Fund +21.11% YTD Nov (net of fees)

By sticking to our defined strategy and passive approach we have proven to be successful while most managers under-performed. By implementing our”active valuation" process every quarter we can trim our out performers, and then find compelling value opportunities. As an example, we have three new holdings this quarter that are up double digits. Our top performer in the portfolio is a new holding, and it is up 26%.

As we look ahead to next year we are very busy identifying the new universe of stocks from which we will select our holdings. Once the stocks are identified we perform our thorough due diligence that will analyze each stock identically, to uncover the best opportunities.

Our passive, long only approach allows us to distribute our strategies for individual clients, RIA's, Funds, or institutional clients. We can do so via revenue share, licenses, research, or through SMA's for clients. If you or anyone you know could be interested please contact us.

Visit for charts, research and performance summaries.

We wish you and your family a happy and healthy upcoming Holiday season.

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