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SmartDividend™ Funds October Update

Hope all is well.  October was another good month for our Value Fund which translated into out performance relative to our benchmarks. 

  • October was another good month as SD Value Fund (SDVF) outperformed the IWD, S&P500 and GSRAX by 0.02%, 0.25% and 2.76% respectively
  • YTD SD Value is +13.04% and IWD, SPY, and GSRAX are +8.25%, +5.93%, and (-1.21)% respectively. 
  • Anticipated annualized yields for 2016: SDVF 2.70% SDLV 3.20%

SD Low Volatility (SDLV) continued to see weakness as there has not been any rotation into low beta stocks for months. In addition, stocks within telecom and healthcare sectors have been aggressively sold.  Despite the recent under performance, SDLV has outperformed the benchmarks on a YTD basis at +6.09%.

Looking forward I see more volatility in our portfolio due to the general election, and federal interest rate hikes. However, we have a defined long term strategy and will start focusing on high quality stocks for 2017.  

Currently we are working on a SMA approach so RIAs, Family Offices, Institutions, Funds and Individuals can have access. Also, I will be starting our Annuity strategy in 2016 with the expectation of returning 5% in cash flows to investors annually. No one should ever give up their hard earned capital for cash flows and we hope to disrupt the industry. 

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