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SmartDividend™ Funds September Update

September was another good month for our Value Fund which translated into continued out performance relative to our benchmarks on a year to date basis. 

  • Year to date we are +14.74% and SPY, IWD, and GSRAX are +9.89%, +7.79%, and +3.17% respectively. 
  • We saw broad strength across our portfolio as ¼ of the holdings were up greater than 10%.

Our Low Volatility strategy under-performed slightly for the quarter as we didn’t see the rotation into low beta stocks in periods of overall market volatility.  We would except to see this rotation eventfully if the market sells off, and remain confident in the holdings in the fund.

For the fourth quarter, we decided to trim our exposure to Industrials, and added a few holdings that have shown historically good performance in the fourth quarter related to holiday spending, and shipping.  We feel this offers a better balance, and is a slightly more defensive posture as we are expecting increased volatility in the coming months.

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