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SmartDividend™ January Update

2016 and January '17

In 2016 we proved ourselves as a top strategy and will continue to work even harder going forward. Looking back over the past three years, countless individuals, directors and managers dismissed my idea which evolved into SmartDividend™Funds. I'm extremely grateful for those who listened and read our notes. Please visit our site for updated information, performance verification and research.

- The SmartDividend™ Strategy returned +24.71% (net) in 2016. Performance verification was done by Michael Hultzapple, CPA, CFA, CIPM of Alpha Performance Verification Services. The final report is saved on our website for viewing.

- The SmartDividend™ Low Volatility returned +7.34% in 2016.

In 2017 Q1 the portfolio is positioned more conservatively due to the unknowns with the Trump administration. January was a solid month after we lost 66bps at the market open on Jan 3rd due to re-balancing. Over the past two months the market has traded within the narrowest range in 55 years (see analysis below). Looking forward something has to give and both strategies are prepared as they have outperformed on the downside in '17. In addition, I wouldn't be surprised to see weakness versus the S&P 500 if the thin trading rage continues.

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