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    Every client has a different need and unique set of circumstances. We are here to not only help you navigate the financial markets but realize your long term financial goals.

    Asset Management

    • Customized Strategies for clients
    • Low Cost ETF Solutions 
    • SmartDividend™ Platform
    • Portfolio Management 
    • Stock/Sector Research

    Financial Planning

    • Retirement Planning and Modeling
    • Income, Expense and Yield Analysis
    • 401k/IRA Reviews and Planning
    • Generational Planning
    • Quarterly Account Reviews 

    Charitable Offerings

    • Direct connection with Foundations
    • Access to numerous charitable and philanthropic initiatives
  • How is your Advisor financially aligned with you?

    We have our own hard earned capital in the same products and strategies recommend and used by our valued clients.

    How much do you pay in fees to your Advisor?

    We are a fee based firm which charges a flat fee based on assets. We do not charge commissions and use low cost products to achieve your financial goals. Compared to large firms, we can help reduce your fees so your hard earned capital can grow faster.

    What is your Advisors rate of return?

    We developed our own strategies which have a proven track record. If someone is managing your money its critical to know their performance. 

  • Focused Strategies using Stocks with Rising Dividends

    Long Only | Diversified

    SmartDividend™ Strategy

    SmartDividend™ Annuity


    Defined Yield | Retain Capital

    SmartDividend™ Low Volatility

    SmartDividend™ ESG Index


    Environmental | Social | Governance

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    Welcome to SmartDividend™ Funds. We are an independent, boutique wealth management platform deeply rooted in the ideals of being client-focused and results driven. We always strive for the best by providing customized investments plans and taking into account every clients unique investment goals. Our business model has a defined approach and a long term focus that adds value for our clients.


    We believe stocks that consistently raise dividends reward shareholders with continual growth in both earnings and income. Only high quality companies have the cash flows available to distribute dividends at an increasing rate. In addition, when dividends are paid at an increasing rate over the long term, attractive price appreciation is likely to follow.


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    We take the emotion of out long term investing

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